Investment: .007 per words. A reader report is a thorough critique that also focuses on the manuscript’s marketability and how it compares to possible comp titles. There are no in-text citations or comments, and no copy edit. It’s the perfect critique for early drafts — when you know that you need to fix some aspects, but not what — or a manuscript you’ve tried to query but keep getting rejections on.

Reader reports are largely used in publishing houses and literary agencies. Interns and assistants will read through perspective manuscripts or current clients’ manuscripts to give helpful feedback to the managing editor or literary agent.

Typical Reader Reports are only one to two pages, however, our reports are a little different. We will write the typical reader report, but also add on to it. We will go into greater depths than an intern would on what works and what does not work in the novel, that way you can know what your strengths are and what you might need to work on more. Reader Reports by Wild Things Editing editors thus usually run between 5 to 10 pages, depending on the state of the manuscript.

EDITORS FOR READER REPORTS: Kim, Amy, Courtney, or Megan